Fake products as an international trade issue: counterfeit of electronic articles / Produtos falsificados como uma questão de comércio internacional: falsificação de artigos eletrônicos

Ricardo Luiz Sichel


The following paper analyses the impact of counterfeit electronic products, especially considering its impact
at the international trade. It has an impact on national security policies, but also on the value of the company’s
asset. There are certain measures that could be undertaken in order to inhibit this form of illegal activity, but
its implementation can’t be limited to the national level; it has to be a consequence of an international effort to
prevent the commerce of this kind of products. If it is only considered at a national level, those kind of policies
are faded not work, because the counterfeit business plays an important role at a multinational scale. It finances
much kind of illegal activities and act in different forms, including stablished companies in many countries,
which try to enable a certain form of legal trade. This paper also considers the consequence of buying illegal
electronic products, including its spare parts and how they affect its working, including its guarantee. It is
not just a question of using an inappropriate product, but also the possibility of damaging the user’s physical


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