Call for Papers: REVISTA M. – Specific Dossier, vol. 5, special number, January / February 2021


Death constitutes an inevitable social and biological process of life, whose visions, beliefs and cosmogonies acquire different values and meanings by societies in different historical contexts. The ritual expressions surrounding death acquire their own polysemic language. Epidemics, in the most varied historical periods, contest and disturb the traditional and current sociocultural ways of dealing with death, dying and the dead that unbalance the world of the living in various aspects, causing a new restructuration.

Considering the current world situation with the Covid-19, this dossier aims to discuss some ways in which societies in different geographical and temporal contexts have dealt with – or deal with – epidemics and how they impact the social, cultural, political and biological process of dying and the dead, views on death and the daily life of funeral rites. It is an interdisciplinary approach that aims to understand and present some historical, anthropological, archaeological readings and artistic and political approaches in epidemic contexts in all historical periods.